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Here's various stuff about Gnomesword, a Bible study tool for the GNOME desktop environment on Linux.

Unofficial Fedora Core 5 RPMs

Fri Jun 23 19:57:45 EDT 2006

I've built Gnomesword from source from time to time since about version 2.0.0. I'm spoiled now that it's in Fedora Extras, but I've decided lately to try to run the latest code from SVN. Sometimes the "unstable" version is better than the stable, and since I can't help with much else I thought maybe I could run the latest and help test.

I've been learning lately about building RPM packages so I tried my hand at building some for Gnomesword. The existing code is good enough that building RPMs is not that hard. Here is what I built, based on 2.1.7, SVN revison 1215. They are x86, 32 bit, Fedora Core 5 only. If you're brave you might be able to rebuild for another arch or even another distro. Mail me and I might be able to help.


New Stuff!

Sun Aug 20 08:31:32 EDT 2006

There's been some new development work on Gnomesword in the past few weeks, so I did a new build. These RPMS are built against SVN version 1224. Thanks to Karl Kleinpaste, we have a few bug fixes, and a new "Pin Tabs" feature (try View->Pin Tabs) that allows you to synchronize verse changes across all open tabs. Preferences and the Module Manager are still broken, but I think this is just a 2.1.7 problem.


WARNING - the only guarantee I give is that these RPMs work OK on my system (so far). They may break your computer. They may break a lot of other things. If you really need the latest, or there's a bug you can't live with these might be worth a try. If you install them, you do so at your own risk.


  1. Download the RPM. Just the i386.rpm should do unless you want to rebuild the source. In that case get the src.rpm instead, but I won't tell you how to rebuild it here. E-mail me for help. Get the debuginfo RPM if you want to generate better bug reports.
  2. Become root.
  3. Get my GPG key and save it somewhere. You can do
    rpm --import <key file>
    or alternatively just do
    rpm --import
    Another alternative is to just go into /etc/yum.conf and temporarily comment out the line gpgcheck=1. This is the least wise option as it bypasses a saftey check, but importing my key is unwise too unless you trust me.
  4. Go to the directory where you put the RPM and do
    yum localinstall <rpm file name>
    This should uninstall your old Gnomesword and install the new RPM.
  5. Become yourself (not root) and start it up!

Bailing out - If something goes wrong, you should be able to just do yum remove gnomesword then yum install gnomesword as root to get back to the latest official version.

Remember, if these RPMs break something, the Gnomesword team can't help. You can let me know and I'll try, but I may not be able to help either. If they actually work and you want to let me know that, I'd be glad to hear it!