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We're married!

So it's done. Everything went very well and we were happy with everything. You'll excuse me if I haven't updated, but I've been busy. We had a wonderful week off, spent a night in Columbus, a day at the Ohio State Fair, and went to the Newport Aquarium among other things. We're planning our honeymoon for next month.

Theresa's brother shot about half an hour of video which I'm editing and we've got a few pictures. I'll get that all together and posted at some point. Stay tuned.

Wedding stuff!

Haven't gotten much done, but at least there is a page.

Here is a picture of the rings.

You'll notice that Theresa's looks kind of bent. That's because we had it custom made to fit with her engagement ring. Together they look cool.

Mine is from Roger's Jewellers, basically because that's the first place at the mall we ran into. Hers is from Rita Caz in Yellow Springs. The engagement ring is really nice.

Here's a picture of Theresa for those who are curious and haven't met her yet. It's from a couple years ago, but she hasn't changed much.

I think she looks better now actually, but then I know her better now.


Wedding: Sunday August 7th. Family and a few close friends only.Done!
Reception: Sunday August 14th, 1:00 - 4:00 PM. If you're here, you're invited.Done!

I guess it wouldn't hurt to check back now and then. We'll probably post pictures and such as they become available. If you have requests, send me some mail, and I'll try to work on it.