Jeff's Amazing Jokosher Page

Get the supporting pacakges!

If you're looking for RPMs for Jokosher, you came to the right place. Remember that these packages are experimental and may break your system. They are for x86, 32 bit only. They work on my system, and that's all I'm going to guarantee.

If you do run into trouble, you can do (as root) rpm -e --nodeps <offending RPM> then yum install <name-of-package-you-just-removed> and that should get you back to normal.

Here is currently the only package you'll need that you can't get with Fedora:

For up to date version of the gstreamer RPMs, go to the Gstreamer Fedora Core 5 download page.

These are not necessary, but they're here if you want them:

Mail me with problems and I'll try to help. Don't bug the Jokosher team. :)

Get the manual!

If you're looking for a pre-release copy of the manual, the english version is here. The German version is available here. The final verion is out, and can be viewed online at the new Jokosher site. It's also packaged with Jokosher, and can (probably) be found in /usr/share/doc/jokosher-0.1/ or somewhere similar.